Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walter's Wings

   Since arriving in CA, Walter has been drinking from the water bottle that we attached to his crate- which was required by the airline.   He still has his regular water bowl, but he prefers to drink from the water bottle- just like a hamster.  He doesn't seem to mind how long it takes to get enough water to satisfy his thirst, and believe me- it takes a lot longer than drinking from a normal bowl.

Several nights after we arrived, I was refilling the water bottle and saw something hanging from the clip which kept the water bottle in place.  I just smiled when I realized what it was- WINGS!  Walter had received Delta Wings!   Someone had taken the time to pin them to his water clip at some point during his long flight to L.A. - and I had been worried that he hadn't been well cared for!

In both of the above pictures you can see the wings hanging down, but they were just turned backwards.  



  1. Hahaha! He is such a goofy dog! I miss him!!

  2. I hate that I won't know him as a puppy but can't wait to see him, some time :()