Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walter Goes to the Dog Park

Steve found a great dog park not too far from us while Lisa was visiting.  I got to go for the first time yesterday and how fun it was to see Walter interact with the other dogs . . . and sometimes, not interact.

After being greeted by most of the dogs all at once, Walter paired up with this dog and they played for quite some time.

At times the dogs would take off leaving him behind.   (I felt like I did when my children were little and other children didn't include them in their play!) 

Not knowing what to do, he discovered that hanging out at the water fountain occupied his time.

                                    And off he would go, to try playing with the group again!

Feeling a little ganged up on, it was back to the water fountain,
his refuge . . . 

 where he stayed until he found this little friend.

Walter definitely felt more comfortable with the smaller dogs.   This little guy would get underneath Walter and nip at his feet.  They had a great time together!

After one last visit to get a drink of water- it was time to head home for a bath.   We all look forward to visiting the dog park again very soon- especially Walter!


  1. Cute! Is this your new camera?

    1. No- still my phone. I'm hoping my old memory card will fit this camera (as it didn't come with one)
      - I'll find out when we go to home this weekend.

  2. I loved reading about Lisa's visit and seeing more pictures!
    Love, Caroline

  3. That last picture is priceless. I can't wait to see him at the dog park soon!