Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not Our Typical Saturday

Walter got his stitches removed today and was registered to attend a free puppy play day tomorrow at LA Kennel Club (where he stayed when we were in FL last month), but unfortunately he has a small area on his incision that is draining ( it's either a reaction to the sutures or a slight infection- time will tell).  No antibiotics yet, but also no puppy day tomorrow.  This is the 2nd time we've signed him up for a free puppy day and had to cancel.  I was really looking forward to him having a lot of fun with the other pups.  

We postponed our plans to hike a new trail today and just had an indoor day since the vet's instructions were to keep the wound clean and to keep Walter from licking it.  He hates his cone so I've been monitoring him until he has to wear it at bedtime.  I feel like I'm back at work trying to keep an agitated patient from getting out of bed-  with my chair close to the patient so I can monitor every move! 

I'm really thankful that Walter is here with us; he is such a good companion especially during the week when Steve is at work.   He's adjusted well to life in the city, but still has some fears. 

Here are a few:
He's especially afraid of the two men below.  Thankfully both are on the same side of the street so we can avoid them.  Steve and I tried to convince Walter that the pizza guy was just pretend, but he wasn't buying it.  

He's also very fearful of large street signs on the sidewalk & of balloons.
On a happier note, here are a few things that Walter loves:

-watching dog shows (here he's watching the Westminster Dog Show), resting after playing fetch in the enclosed basketball court (unleashed!), lying down in the nice cool grass,  and snuggling with Steve in the evenings.

I'm really hoping that Walter's wound improves quickly.  Our first guest, Lisa, (woohoo!!!) is arriving on Tuesday evening and we have some fun adventures planned . . . and once again, Walter is registered to attend doggie daycare on Thursday.  Hoping for the best!!!


  1. Poor Walter. I hope he gets better soon!

  2. Walter seems to have a few phobias. I'm sure LA is well equipped with dog therapists to help him work through these maladies.