Sunday, February 26, 2012

And the winner is . . .

Late Saturday night Steve and I went back to the Writers Guild of America Theater to view the Oscar nominated documentary film, Undefeated, which was featured at DocuDay.  It's an excellent film about three Manassas High School football players and the changes that a volunteer coach brought to their football team and to their lives personally.   We knew that it would be fun to watch a documentary based in Memphis since both of us had grown up in Memphis (though I had moved to Martin, Tn in 7th grade)

Early in the film, Steve and I nudged each other when the coach mentioned Westview, the high school I graduated from in Martin.  Little did we know that the last 15 minutes or so of this movie was a playoff game against Westview which was played in my hometown, Martin!  It was so exciting!  (I actually thought I saw my dad sitting in the stands with his headset on!)  I must confess that I was cheering for the Westview Chargers to beat Manassas.  I won't tell you the outcome of that game- you need to see this film for yourselves, not so much to see who wins but because it is rich with the message of how one person can make powerful changes in others' lives.

We just saw that Undefeated won the Oscar- no surprise here!  I never thought my alma matter would ever be a part of an Academy winning documentary feature film or that I would be living in L.A. to view it!!!


  1. What fun! I wish Marshall and I could have been with you and Steve watching it!