Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Trip Home- Happy Birthday Silas!


Last weekend we flew back to Florida to celebrate Silas' 5th birthday.  We were glad that we arrived early enough Friday night to spend some time with Silas before his "extra late" bedtime.  The house looked so nice- Tiffany & John had done a great job of decorating and making it their place.   And it was so good to see Kramer again!  We all had a nice evening visiting while making the last preparations for Silas' party.
   Saturday was a beautiful day for the party at the Rainbow Park 
I had to wake Silas up from a nap right before the party 
John's masterpiece

Everyone had fun taking turns hitting the MONSTER piñata.  Papa's job was to make sure that no one got hit with the very heavy metal baseball bat (and at the same time to make sure he didn't get hit as well).     

Enjoying the candy from the piñata

Cake time!  And what a delicious cake it was!
Silas loves Aunt Melissa!

The Whoopie Cushion was a hit!
   It was a great birthday party- lots of family and friends showering Silas with birthday wishes & gifts!  We left Sunday afternoon.  It was a short trip, but so worth being able to celebrate with everyone!  

   We arrived back in L.A. around 9 p.m. and picked Walter up from The Kennel Club the next morning.  He hasn't been quite himself since returning home.  He hasn't wanted to sleep in his crate, or eat his food (I think they fed him chicken & rice even though I requested he not receive it!), and he's been acting a little strange as you can see from the pictures below.

King of the Kennel!
Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

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