Saturday, February 4, 2012

Runyon Canyon

the view at the beginning of our hike- just beautiful! 

Our first hiking adventure - Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood, a 3 mile hike that allows dogs to run leash free.   Steve's co-worker, Allen, joined us and from the get go, it was quite a hike.

Walter started off on the leash, but eventually was allowed to run free.  He loved it!  He visited with lots and lots of dogs.   We've learned that L.A. has the most dogs per capita in the U.S. - I believe it!

This canyon is supposedly a popular site for the stars to visit . . . we didn't see any this time, but I must say I wasn't looking at anything but the beautiful views.

Below are a couple of the mansions in the valley beneath the Hollywood sign- so huge!

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

The hike down was very steep- the next time, we'll take a different path.

After working up an appetite, what better place to grab a bite to eat than this little restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd!  I had spotted it on the way to the canyon and was pleased that the guys agreed to try it out.  We were too full for dessert this time, but I'm sure we'll be hiking this canyon again in the future and will definitely have to try a sweet crepe. 

On our way back to our apartment we spotted the sign below and stopped for a quick picture (not exactly dressed for Beverly Hills!)

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  1. So glad you had fun ya'll look great and happy! Miss you.