Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ellen Tickets . . . PLEASE!

My pursuit of tickets to see Ellen

As soon as my daughter, Allison, heard that we were moving to L.A. she began to research how to obtain tickets to the Ellen show.  You see, we really enjoy the laughter that Ellen brings into our lives.  It's one of the indulgent things I do for myself daily, that is, if Walter allows.  Ellen's style of humor reminds me of episodes from the I Love Lucy show.  I love it!  And so, I became obsessed with checking Ellen's website for available tickets.

You should've heard my excitement when I was checking (once again) for available tickets and found "Tickets Available" on one of the dates that Allison will be visiting (sorry Brian that you won't be here on that date!).   I submitted my request and now the waiting begins.  Today I checked my junk mail and found an email dated Feb 1st asking me to  confirm my submission.  I confirmed it, but three weeks late!   Ugh!   I even emailed Ellen today making a plea for tickets hoping that will increase my chances!

I also have submitted a request for tickets when Natalie & Dan visit in two months because yesterday I saw the exciting "Tickets Available" announcement just for the second time!

I'm hoping to add "Seeing Ellen" as a post hopefully one day soon as I'm sure that being a guest in her audience would be quite an adventure!

In the meantime, I will check her website while watching her show!  


  1. Love the look! Computer, painted toes, tv and Ellen. The LA life! Where was Walter?