Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Walter is recovering just fine from his little surgery, but don't let the picture fool you. 


He arrived home Tuesday night- very happy to see us and you would never know he even had surgery (other than his neon green stitches!).  How I'm going to get him to follow the doc's instructions is beyond me-  no jumping, no running, no licking the wound- all for the next two weeks!  I've been giving him the prescribed pain pills not because he appears to be in pain, but hopefully to calm him down a little.
You can see the challenge that is before me.

He hates the cone so much that as long as I can monitor him, he doesn't wear it.  Before his bedtime last night I applied the cone.  He was not very happy.

This morning I discovered first hand why Walter's puppy name was "Houdini" (when he lived with his mom). 

I found him in his crate with the cone off, but still in the cone shape (and I had been worried that he wouldn't have enough room in his crate to stretch out or turn around!  He proved me wrong!)  He even got to chew on it a little.    

And by the way, the reason Walter was named "Houdini" as a puppy was because he chewed a hole through the screen of a  2nd floor porch enabling him and his sister to escape (I'm not sure about the other puppies).  His sister broke her leg, but "Houdini" was uninjured.   Maybe we should've kept that name!  

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  1. I would try anything too, to get out of that contraption! Good luck keeping him calm.