Saturday, February 18, 2012

PCH & Will Rogers State Park

After being here for a month and hearing tennis players morning, noon, and night (our balcony is about 15 feet from the tennis courts)- we decided it was time to hit the court.   Since we're not very good players, we bent the rules a bit (a choice of 3 tries instead of 2 when serving or take 2 bounces when returning a ball).   Steve won 6-3 (I think it's because he used the oversized racket!).  I'm looking forward to playing again and you may see a running score here in the posts to come.

Next, we headed up to Santa Monica for a delicious lunch at a little cafe before heading north on the Pacific Coast Highway (or as the locals call it- PCH).

On our drive up to Malibu, I made the comment that Walter was such a good traveler.  On our return drive we stopped at the Will Rogers State Park for a hike and that's when we discovered why Walter had been so good.  This is the second harness that he's chewed through and this one was only a few weeks old.   I think he's trying to tell us something.

Not having a harness didn't stop us from hiking.  The picture below was taken at "inspiration point" at the top of the mountain.  The city in the background is Santa Monica.  I'm sure we only saw a small portion of what used to be Will Rogers' private ranch.

It was so good being outside enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some exercise.  

And it's nice to have a worn out dog . . . I think we all will sleep well tonight.

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  1. looks like fun! i can't believe walter chewed through two harnesses! toby hates his too..