Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Early Birthday!

  We celebrated Steve's birthday today since Steve had the day off and Walter was at the vet (having a necessary surgery for a 6 month old male dog). Visiting a museum is not how I would want to celebrate my birthday, but Steve loves museums!  ( I learned that the hard way almost 31 years ago when Steve spent hours at the St. Augustine Fort on our honeymoon.)  I originally planned to surprise him with a visit to a military museum (he loves military history), but after doing a lot of research I realized that I needed his help in deciding which one to visit.  It turned out that his first choice was closed today so Steve chose a non-military local museum to visit instead.   After dropping Walter off at the vet for his overnight stay and enjoying a delicious breakfast (at Steve's new favorite breakfast place) we arrived at the museum.

 This museum really does have quite a dinosaur exhibit with real bones and fossils.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I'm sure Steve will enjoy visiting it again when Silas comes to stay with us - and who knows, I may just tag along too.  (I guess I'll be visiting a military museum on Father's Day.)

For all you dog lovers, we received a call from Walter's vet stating his surgery went very well and that she wanted to take our sweet dog home!  Walter had already eaten his supper and we can pick him up tomorrow afternoon.  In honor of my mom, at 8:30 last night I gave Walter a bath so he would be all clean before going to the doctor.  I still can remember being very sick as a young child and my mother making me take a bath before I could go to the doctor.  This time both Walter and I both got a bath!


  1. Glad you survived the museums smiling! I think your mom knew my dad, after a day being sick he would always say "get up and take a shower you will feel better"!

  2. looks like fun! brian would enjoy that with dad... glad walter is doing well!

  3. I'm catching up, reading your CA adventures, and had to laugh about your "Mom" comment. My mom made me take a shower before we went to the ER when I broke my arm! (at Wilson Park...)