Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Today is the first Father's Day for Steve to not spend at least part of the day with some of his children  (unless we count Walter).   Typically, our kids in Florida, will come over and we'll have a meal together.  So we went out to eat at The Counter where you custom build your burger with toppings.  

The Counter - build your own burger

Steve received a free burger for saying, "BFD" (Burger For Dad).  We wondered how they would know he was a dad since we didn't have any kids with us, but they never even questioned it.  I guess he just looks like a dad and a good one at that!

On our way to The Counter we passed by The Ritz Carlton which is about a half mile from our apartment.  I looked for Lindsay Lohan sitting out on her balcony, but I didn't see her.  You see, the top story on the local news the other night was about how paramedics were sent to The Ritz to check on Lindsay after she didn't show up for work at the movie set (she's working on a movie about Elizabeth Taylor).   According to the report, paramedics entered her room to find her asleep in bed.  You know you're in L.A. when that is the top story of the day.  

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