Saturday, July 7, 2012

Natalie's Visit!

On June 23rd Natalie arrived for a two week visit!  We were so excited to see her ( as was Walter)!  She hadn't seen Walter in almost six months, but he remembered her and gave her lots of kisses!  And it was so wonderful to have Natalie in our "home!"  Oh, how we miss being less than two hours away from her!

We had a quick belated birthday celebration for Natalie by having some cake ( wish I had taken some pictures) and then left for downtown L.A. to see a movie at the L.A. Film Festival.   

We saw "The Big Easy Express", a film about three bands who traveled by train from Oakland, CA to New Orleans.   
One band member from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros was present in the theater.  I acted like I was the paparazzi and took a few pictures.

After the film we had dinner in an area that is called L.A. Live- it was fun being in the city.

We returned home and showed Natalie the Venice Canals, one of our favorite places to take Walter for walks.

The next morning we hiked at The Will Rogers State Park and afterwards we watched a little Polo being played at the park.  There's always something going on here that reminds me of how different L.A. is from Ormond Beach. 

We are so thankful to have this experience and be able to share it with our family and friends.  More to come on our time with Natalie . . . and Allison, who arrived later that day.  

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  1. Hi Melanie! What a fun time. Makes me miss you and the things available to do there. Now Dorothy is on the way! Blessings to you all.