Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ellen Tickets

My friend, Karen, requested Ellen tickets and four days before the taping she received a call from the show informing her that she received two guaranteed tickets.  Guess who she took with her!

We arrived much earlier than we needed to and a very nice security guard gave us a few recommendations for a couple of restaurants within walking distance.  We chose to go to Smokehouse - especially after she said that a scene in ARGO was filmed there.  

We had a delicious lunch and afterwards we returned to the parking garage to receive our numbers.
While waiting to line up to go to the show we visited with others in the garage.   No one else had received calls earlier in the week except those who were given standby tickets.  We were thankful for our guaranteed tickets.  

 Ellen's riff raff room and her shop.

 Ellen normally dances up the stairs but this time she rode on the "Acorn" which is a chair lift.  It was so funny seeing her ride right past us!  We had a great time and really enjoyed the interview with Diana Nyad, the lady who swam from Cuba to Florida.  

 Thanks Karen for taking me as your guest!  It was a lot of fun . . . even if we didn't receive a giveaway!

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