Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Trip

We had planned to lay low on Thanksgiving Day other than going out to eat for a nice meal, but when the restaurant prices exceeded what we thought was a reasonable amount to spend -we decided to pick up a Thanksgiving meal and bring it back to our apartment.   Our friends, Karen and Alan, also planned the same thing except they weren't planning to have the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  While out doing some Christmas shopping, Karen and I stopped at the restaurant to place our orders and to Karen's surprise, the restaurant wasn't offering the clam chowder that she and Alan planed to have.  And the turkey dinner that I ordered included a 20 pound turkey!  So it just seemed right for us to spend Thanksgiving together!

We had a great time enjoying good wine and a meal that I didn't have to prepare (I even forgot to serve the cranberry sauce!).  My favorite dish was the delicious salad that Karen brought!  We watched football and played Apples to Apples and laughed- a lot!  So thankful that we got together with our friends!

The next morning Steve, Walter, and I left for Yosemite.  When we found out that we were moving back to Florida, we quickly began making a list of places we wanted to visit before we left and Yosemite was high on the list.  

Walter is such a good traveler- which is a good thing, considering that he will be riding with us back to Florida!

We ended up going to the Sequoia National Park first which was beautiful!  

On our way to see the General Sherman Tree we drove through the Giant Forest.  It was crazy!  It looked like something out of a movie.

We spent the night before arriving at Yosemite and got up very early to see as much of the park as we could.  Some of the roads closed in October due to snow, but we still enjoyed the valley.

Sometimes, it was a little too cold for me to get out of the warm car, but our moon roof provided the perfect views for me!

Then we traveled to the area that was burned this summer; it went on and on for miles.

Some of the burned area behind Walter.

We returned to L.A. late on Saturday in order to beat the many anticipated travelers returning home on Sunday.  So thankful that we did!  And so thankful for our trip to Yosemite!

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