Friday, December 27, 2013

Walter's Training and We're Moving!

While we were away on our two week trip back in November, Walter was being trained for 3 weeks   He's always been stubborn and has selective hearing, especially when he's around small children (due probably to the fact that when we got Walter, Silas was a big part of our lives and the two loved playing together).  So when we realized that we were going to be away for two weeks and that this training was actually a little cheaper than just boarding him, we signed him up!

He was so happy to be home!  And we were so happy to have him home!  These pictures were taken after the 90 minutes of training that Steve and I received by Walter's trainer.  Walter was exhausted from all the hard work.

He now wears a shock collar (it's not that bad so don't worry all of you dog lovers!).  We don't have to utilize the collar except when he doesn't listen to our commands.  For the first time, I feel like I have him under control.

I think Walter looks like he's smiling in the picture below!

The very next day, I took Walter on a walk where he walks unleashed.   He ignored my verbal commands and the commands of his collar and ended up in the lagoon!  And I thought I had control!  Ha!

One week after we returned to California we received the news that we are moving back to Florida.  Our departure date is Jan 13th; it was going to be Jan 15th, but Allison's baby shower is on Jan 18th in N.C. and it's a long drive from California!

Steve and I have a peace about our return, though we are sad about leaving this amazing state and the amazing friends we've met here.   Steve will continue to work on the project but from his home office.
By the time we leave I will have been on vacation for two years!  I think I'm going to have some adjusting to do to "real life."

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  1. Vacation for two years.....and in sunny California! What a treat and healing place it has been. Though, I'm so happy to have you in our time zone and 9 hours away rather than??? hours away.