Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas in Gainesville

I left L.A. on Dec 16th and flew to Orlando where Natalie picked me up.  For the next 8 days we were together- such a treat!  It was so much fun to be with her and in her home in Gainesville.  It was so festive with a Christmas tree, lights outside, and a swag on the door (I wish I had taken more pictures!).  It was finally starting to feel like Christmas.  Steve and I didn't do any decorating in L.A.  -all of our decorations are up in the attic at our house in FL and since we weren't going to be in California for the holidays so we decided not to decorate.

Natalie and I spent a lot of our time talking about her upcoming wedding.  We spent one day in St. Augustine and finalized a lot of details.  It's going to be beautiful!  This is where Natalie and some of her bridesmaids are staying the night before the wedding.

On Friday, Dec. 21st, Allison arrived in Gainesville.  Brian dropped her off and he continued on to his parents in Leesburg.   It was fun to fill Allison in on all the wedding decisions that had been made.

The next morning Allison, Natalie, and I left for Orlando to do a little shopping before going to Winter Park for Natalie to try on her wedding gown that had arrived.  Thanks Natalie for making me feel so at home in your cute house.  I loved our time together in Gainesville!  

A quick and light lunch at Panera before trying on the dress

The Collection- a shop full of beautiful gowns

Natalie looked beautiful in her gown!  After not seeing it for almost 7 months, I was relieved that she still loved it.  It was the first time Allison had seen it in person and she loved it, too.  Afterwards, we sat at a coffee shop and looked at pictures of Natalie in her wedding gown.

Brian and his parents met us in Winter Park to pick up Allison.  It was too short of a visit with Allison (and just minutes with Brian), but Natalie and I were so thankful that Allison was able to orchestrate her plans so she could be a part of viewing the dress.  Thanks Allison for making it happen!  We said our good-byes and then Natalie and I drove to Ormond Beach for the next leg of our Christmas!  

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