Monday, December 31, 2012

David & Laurie's wedding

 On our first morning in Troy we woke up to a little snow- such a rare treat for us!  

We spent the morning at Norma and Vann's and got to meet Sam.  He's such a happy and cute fellow!

Norma built him his first snowman and it looks like he likes it!

The groom to be!

 A visit with my dad

On our way to run some errands we went by the church where Steve and I got married.

The next day - a picture with my dad and his new hat he got on his birthday

David and Laurie's tacky Christmas sweater rehearsal dinner- it was so funny!

The wedding day:

proud parents

smoothing out the hair

At the reception

my nephew, Brian and his wife, Brittany and Sam

Three generations- my dad, my brother, his grandson

Grandaddy, Sam, and Henry

I didn't get any pictures of my sister, Norma and her husband at the wedding or reception or of the bride and groom.  There was just too much visiting going on.

It was such a beautiful wedding and reception!  Congratulations David and Laurie!

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