Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 Ok, I know you think all I ever do is go to free shows around here.  Well, I usually only do those touristy things when we have company in town, but when I saw that Jimmy Kimmel's guest for tonight's show was Ellen Degeneres- I jumped on the priority tickets for two.  I asked Deborah if she could extend her visit- which she couldn't.  Steve couldn't get off work early.  I almost canceled the tickets but thought I'd humble myself and ask someone from Bible study.  You see, people from L.A. don't do these touristy things.  But, I found one who would- Sarah!  She's the friend who picked me up to see the Space Shuttle transported through the L.A. streets.  

We got front row seats which turned out to be great- it was questionable for a bit when the camera was right in front of us, but it was moved and we had an excellent view.  Fun seeing Ellen!

We went outside to watch the band One Republic- great fun!

After the show on our way back to the car we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger across the street for the premiere of The Last Stand.  
                       Wish I could've taken a good picture of him with my camera.  What a fun night!

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  1. OKAY...lucky girl!! I am going to the Ellen show in Feb! Can't wait :)