Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four Days, Three Nights

On Tuesday, July 23rd we left Portland and arrived in Daytona Beach.  I had made arrangements to pick Silas up first thing on Wednesday morning.  When I arrived at his house I was greeted with, "I get to be with you for four days and three nights and then when will I see you again?"  We were both very excited about our extended time together! 

We were staying at The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Shores.  I'm not sure Silas had ever stayed at a hotel before because when he came into our room he wanted to know where the kitchen was!  For the next four days and three nights we swam and played at the beach and just enjoyed our special time together!

The view from our room

Silas painted this pot during a kid's activity at the hotel

 Looking for fish!

On Saturday John joined us for another beautiful day at the beach. 

 Our last night ended with a tradition of eating at Cracker Barrel.

 We sure hated to say good-bye to Silas.  It was so good to be with him again; we miss him so much!  We look forward to when we can be with him again for another four days, three nights!


  1. He's so cute with his front tooth gone! I'm glad you got to stay on the beach. I wish I could have come!