Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kathy's June Visit

Back in June, my sister, Kathy, made her annual trip to L.A. to visit her son, Matt,  and daughter-in-law, Amy.  I was thankful that she extended her time in California and came to see me in Marina del Rey.  The last time that we were together was at Natalie and Dan's wedding and boy, did I put her to work!  It was nice to just relax and have some fun together.  And eat!  It seems like we centered our time together on food and California is a great place to do that!

We started off at The Ivy in Beverly Hills for a delightful lunch.  We couldn't identify any of the important looking people, but we sure had fun people watching.  Just look at those roses!

Afterwards, we strolled around Rodeo Drive.  No purchases made here!

On another day we took a road trip to Santa Barbara.  The weather wasn't the greatest; it was a little foggy along our coastal drive, but still beautiful.

We took a detour to Ojai, a quaint mountain town, and had another wonderful lunch and of course some more people watching.  There were some ladies still in their tennis attire (and diamonds) sitting at the table beside us.  They were celebrating a birthday, and Kathy gave me a play by play of what was being unwrapped.

After arriving in Santa Barbara we climbed to the top of the Clock Tower.  Love all the red tiled roofs!  

Out on the pier we enjoyed a little wine tasting and watched the boats.

Well, maybe it was more than a little wine tasting.  We ended up having to stay out on the pier for a little longer than we planned because they didn't have any cheese and crackers to go with our wine. Then on to an outdoor restaurant for clam  chowder and fish and chips; the perfect meal after attending a wine tasting!

 We didn't sight see as much as we did last year, but we sure did eat!  On our last day together we ate at one of my favorite places, Lemonade.  Afterwards, we visited the Grammy Museum to see the Ringo exhibit, Peace and Love.

Thanks Kathy for spending some of your summer vacation with me!  Too bad that I won't be here next year!  

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