Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heart Connection

When Allison and I attended Andy Cohen's book signing I saw that Carol Burnett was on the schedule for the next week.  So I recruited my two "new to California" friends, Eileen and Karen, to go with me.
Eileen's husband works on the same project as Steve.  She lives in Nebraska and visits when she can.  Karen lives here with her husband who works on a project in L.A. but for a different company; their home is in Texas.   They have been here for the past year and I met Karen at our apartment complex just this past January while taking our dogs out.

Eileen, Karen, and me!

I'm so thankful for these new friends!

When I approached the table I shared a little about why I was looking forward to reading her book.  She may be a good actress, but I truly think our hearts connected as one mother to another.  I actually made her cry.

A kind man who was in line ahead of me stopped me after I received my signed book.  He said that he had taken pictures of me talking to her and would it be ok if he emailed them to me.

On a lighter note, here's Carol's face while talking to Karen!

As Carol would say (or sing), "I'm so glad we had this time together . . ."

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