Thursday, June 6, 2013

Silas Time!!!!

 When we left St. Augustine we returned to Ormond Beach where we spent some quality time with Silas!

You should see him swim across the pool!

We were thankful that Shelby was able to join us for one afternoon!  So good to spend some time with her; it'd been a long time since we'd seen her!

We all headed to the beach where Shelby captured some pictures of Silas giving me one of his famous kisses! 

Then off to get a bite to eat after a sweet and fun day together!

At school on Friday Silas earned The Terrific Kid award!  Way to go, Silas!!!

 I kept some of the wedding flowers as long as I could before we left; they were just beautiful!

After 18 days of being in Florida it was time to return to California and reunite with Walter!

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