Friday, June 14, 2013

A March Visit with Tiffany Weeks

Do you want to see any talk shows while you're here?  The Tonight Show?  Conan?  Jimmy Kimmel?  As soon as I hear the happy news that a friend is coming for a visit I begin planning our days together.    Have you been here before?  What all did you see?  What are you most interested in?  

Back in March a friend from Greensboro, NC, Tiffany Weeks, attended a week long conference in Aneheim and was able to extend her stay in CA with a visit to see me.  I've known Tiffany for 20 plus years.  She's the kind of friend that even though we don't talk frequently we can pick up our relationship as though we talk everyday! 

During the conference I drove over to Aneheim one evening and had a delicious dinner with Tiffany at the Disneyland Resort.   

With my overnight bag packed, I returned to Aneheim on Thursday afternoon ready to spend the night and begin planning our time together.  While sitting in the hotel room catching up on each other's lives, I interrupted and said, "How about we go to Palm Springs for dinner?  It's about 1 1/2 hours away, but we could get there before the sun sets!"  And off we went!

We barely got there before dark, but it was a beautiful drive and so unusual.  We had a delicious dinner outside and before heading back to Aneheim we stopped by a casino hoping we'd both be big winners.  But I guess it's difficult to win big when you're playing the penny slots!

The picture below is before we left The Disneyland Resort the next morning.

Our destination - La Jolla, where we enjoyed an outdoor lunch.

Some sights along our walk:

The rest of our time together we attended The Tonight Show, The Talk where we won some giveaways : ), walked along Rodeo Drive, and visited The Beverly Hills Hotel.

A beautiful drive through a Beverly Hills' neighborhood.

We visited the Grauman's Chinese Theater and enjoyed dinner out near the Dolby Theater.

If I had posted about Tiffany's visit three months ago, I would've been more specific about our time together, but I'm having a difficult time recollecting what we did each day.  I do know that we had a great time reconnecting after so many years and I hope we can get together again soon! 

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