Sunday, June 9, 2013

Some Much Needed R & R

After a whirlwind trip for Natalie's graduation, we (Steve, Natalie, and I) returned to Marina del Rey on May 5th.    One of Steve's co-workers picked us up from the LAX which allowed us to pick up Walter before returning to our NEW apartment.  She was happy to see Walter again; it had been almost a year since she'd seen him!

Did you notice that I said our NEW apartment?  You see, a few days before Steve joined me in Florida for Natalie's graduation he awoke to the sound of running water.  It was still dark outside and he went into the bathroom where he proceeded to see water coming from the ceiling in a steady stream. 

To make a long story short, a pipe had burst in the ceiling and Steve had to move all of our belongings not just to an apartment down the hall, but from Building R to Building C.  And to set the record straight, Steve says I can not receive any more "giveaways!"  He couldn't believe all that we've accumulated!

Due to the demands of his job, he didn't have time to unpack all of our belongings before leaving for Natalie's graduation.  He should've warned me.  I wish I had taken pictures of how our new apartment looked, but I was too shocked to think about capturing the moment.  

Another thing that threw me off (and still does) was that everything was reversed from our old apartment, from the location of the garbage can under the kitchen sink to even the direction you turn the knob for hot and cold water on our faucet in our bathroom sink!  How can that be reversed?  Everything's  reversed!
 (I'm still grabbing a knife when I want a hot pad!) 

And another thing, even though it was the same layout as our old apartment,  it appeared much smaller.  Was it because all of our stuff was in bags all over the apartment?  Or was it because we came in with 5 suitcases, 3 people, and 1 very large dog? 

It took me a few days to find the positive in the move (and Natalie was glad when I did), but just look at our new view!
Now Steve and I can both say that we're  thankful for the unexpected move.  I don't even think that Walter misses the random tennis balls that occasionally came through our sliding glass door at our other apartment!

Enough about our new apartment;  here are some highlights from Natalie's visit:

Some shopping on Abbot Kinney

A morning at The Grove for more shopping and to view a taping of Extra where we saw Nick Wechsler, who plays Jack on Revenge 

Natalie won a basket full of goodies to help with stress!

Tickets for Conan!

Gourmet Food Trucks in Santa Monica

Jimmy Kimmel Tickets!

Walter helped with making some wedding decorations!

Who me?

I got to spend Mother's Day with Natalie!!! In La Jolla!

A wonderfully relaxing sailboat ride in the Santa Monica Bay!

If you look closely you can see some neckties on the floor of the sailboat.  These belong to our captain;  he used to wear them when he worked in the corporate world.  He has been chartering sailboat rides for the past 16 years and as he said, "I may never own a porsche, but every day I love going to work." How symbolic these ties are!

We had a GREAT time together even though it flew by! 

On May 15th Natalie and I returned to Florida for the FINAL countdown of the wedding which I've already posted about, but here's a few shots I failed to post.

 Our intense countdown calendar!

Natalie retrieving water bottles at Walmart for her wedding guests!  These just make me laugh!

So thankful for the time I was able to spend with Natalie from April 23rd to May 25th.  What a wonderful gift!

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