Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tennessee and Virginia

From July 5th thru July 28th, Steve had a business trip that took him to Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida.  I stayed in CA for part of that time due to "you know who" who costs us a FORTUNE when we board him!  So after much planning with all the parties involved I came up with a travel plan and on July 12th it was put into action.

Steve and I realized a while back that for extended trips it was cheaper to pay for a plane ticket for someone to come out and take care of Walter than it was to board him.  So Allison loved that idea and kindly agreed to be Walter's caregiver, along with her friend, Kristin.  They arrived late on the 12th and took me to the airport early on the 13th.  It was very strange to leave L.A. knowing Allison was there.  We don't get to see each other that often and the last time I saw her was at Natalie and Dan's wedding which didn't allow for much down time.  But it sure was nice knowing that Walter would be well cared for!

My first stop was to Nashville where my sister, Kathy, picked me up at the airport and then off to Martin, TN we went to start the process of going thru my father's house.  He decided that he does not want to return to his house and wants to sell it.  He's living in Humboldt at a VA nursing home.

my mom's key chain still hangs 22 years later
I stayed in TN for five nights and my sisters and I went through the entire house except the attic and outside storage room.  Here are some of my favorite things:

some childhood memories and my medication file card system from nursing school-ugh!

posters from my room

me and my best friend, Tiff
my sister's hairdryer 
                                                                    "Cool Cat"


a trunk full of Southern Living magazines from the 70's & 80's

My dad's favorite spot to sit in the kitchen- check out the wall paper!

Cloth maps from my dad's WWII emergency kit

These pillows have been around forever as have these brushes and combs- lots of memories though of fixing my mom's hair when I was a little girl using these tools
Piano recital statues and my piano practice card with my mom's signature

One scary puppet from Mexico!

The trash pile 

I left on July 18th to reunite with Steve in Virginia.  He had been in Hampton for almost 2 weeks and was able to see Dan and Natalie several times within that time.  I hadn't seen the newlyweds since their wedding so it was fun being picked up at the airport by Natalie and meeting Finley!  

She wasn't too sure about me at first, but quickly warmed up to me.

It was great being with Natalie and seeing her decorative touches with their home!

Dan was out on his ship on the day that I arrived but returned the next day.  We enjoyed celebrating his return with a delicious lunch from Handsome Biscuit

 It was a short 24 hours with Natalie and even shorter with Dan, but it was great seeing them and meeting sweet Finley!
We look forward to seeing them again hopefully soon!

Our next stop . . . Portland, Maine!

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