Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Allison & Brian's Visit

A "friendly" game with special rules
Walter was so excited that Brian arrived!

Allison and Brian left on Easter morning.  It was hard to see them go!  We had such a great time together and got to do a lot of touristy things.  We tried to take advantage of every waking moment.  Even Brian's cold didn't slow him or us down.

Our ball-boy

On Thursday we had a nice hike in north Santa Monica before heading to Burbank to see "Conan."
Hiking in Will Roger's Park

We made it to Conan!

Thankfully, Brian's had experience with flats

We had a great time at "Conan" and decided even though it didn't have any give-aways like "The Talk", it was much more entertaining- especially the episode we saw!

Unfortunately, we had a flat tire on our way home.  (Thanks Brian for changing the tire!)  I don't know who has the worst record for mishaps with rental cars. ( They may have had more flats, but I'll never forget losing total power in the rental that I was driving down the mountain while visiting Yosemite about 5 years ago).

The flat didn't stop us from driving through Beverly Hills on our way home.

Rodeo Drive
Steve was able to join us for most of the day on Friday and we started it out with lunch at Tito's Tacos.

From there we went to the Grauman's Chinese Theater.  I had purchased movie tickets through Groupon prior to Allison & Brian's arrival.  It turned out that the movie we had to see (in order to sit in the old theater) was "Wrath of the Titans" in 3D (not exactly my first choice- nor Allison's, but it was still fun).
               Afterwards, we drove up to the Griffith Observatory to view the lights of L.A.

On Saturday, we rented bikes and saw all kinds of sights on Venice Beach.  My mother would love living here!

Allison helped many times with downloading Groupons!

This man entertained us while we ate lunch

We ended the day with a view of the sunset from the pier.  Even Walter seemed to enjoy it!

Thanks Allison & Brian for coming to see us!!!

We miss you!!!  


  1. Who needs Creative Memories when you have blog world! What a great summary of their visit!

  2. It was so fun! I didn't want it to end!!

  3. We, too, were entertained by the same man when we visited last July!!