Monday, April 16, 2012

Star spotting . . . well almost

On Saturday I went to Third Street Promenade for a little mental health therapy and it did not disappoint.  After making some returns I walked along the outdoor mall to see if any street performers were nearby.   I did a double take when I spotted a star- or should I say nearly a star!

Naia from The Voice

 Turns out that Naia is a regular street performer at Third Street Promenade- in fact that's how she was discovered and encouraged to audition for The Voice.

This little boy looked like he was about six or seven even though he looks older in the photo.  He was a really good drummer, but not so good at singing Adam Levine's popular song.  The boy's father was sitting right beside him along with the jar to collect donations.  

                                           Then there was this musician.  He was quite good.

Next to Naia's performance was this guy.  I didn't stop to watch his act or to take this picture. ( I googled street performers and there he was!)  Looks like he's a regular, too.  Maybe next time (when Steve's with me) I'll watch his performance and get back to you about what kind of act he has.

I forgot to post that when Allison, Brian, and I were waiting in line inside the Warner Brother's Studio complex to see Conan, I really think I saw David Arquette quickly come out of a building and get in a van.  Allison thought so too, so I think that makes it pretty official that I've spotted my first star.  And in my book, Naia is a real star, too.  

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