Saturday, April 7, 2012

Road Trip

Since living in L.A. I signed up to receive email notifications for "deals" in the area (groupon, living social, bloomspot, daily candy, scoutmob, etc.)- anything that would help save money as Steve and I explored the area.  
Well, on Monday night I was checking my email and I saw a living social deal for a hotel in Palm Springs that just made me laugh.  I showed it to Allison and she had actually seen the exact hotel on someone's blog last month.   Can you see why we laughed?  How fun, right?

A Splash of Life in the Desert

That's what we thought, too!  After a few phone calls, our room was booked for the very next day.  

On Tuesday morning, Allison & I dropped Walter off at doggie daycare and headed to Studio City for a taping of "The Talk" which neither of us watch, but since my friend Lisa and I had attended a taping last month and received about $600 in gifts- we thought we would try again.  This time we only received shampoo, conditioner, and some other type of hair treatment.  Oh well, you can't be a big winner every time.  I had the best time watching Allison's expression and lack of enthusiasm throughout  the whole show.  Afterwards, we put the top down on our little car and took off for Palm Springs!  

The views were amazing!

We thought we had passed our hotel, but after seeing it in person we decided no one could ever pass it without noticing it.
view from our room
our bright and happy room

We sat out by the pool, had facials, and rode into town for to have dinner at a wonderful Thai restaurant.

The next morning we took the complimentary hotel bikes into town for breakfast after first having a glass of their delicious water full of fresh fruit.

We enjoyed our short stay in Palm Springs and hope to visit it again sometime.  We hated to leave, but we were excited that Allison's husband, Brian, was arriving that afternoon.  Again, we enjoyed the beautiful scenic drive back to Marina del Rey!

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  1. What fun!!! So glad you had such a fun time together. I know you will cherish those memories for quite sometime!