Saturday, April 6, 2013

Visiting My Dad

The day after the Ormond Beach shower I rode with Allison to Atlanta to catch my flight to Tennessee to see my dad.  How do Allison and I manage to dress alike almost every time we're together?

By the time I arrived in Memphis, I wasn't feeling too well.  My sister, Norma, was kind enough to bring me a mask for our 2 hour ride.

I ended up being in bed for the next two days at my dad's house so I wouldn't infect anyone else.  If I hadn't felt so bad, it would've been really strange being at his house all alone.  My dad has been in a nursing home receiving rehab since the middle of January after being hospitalized.  This was my first visit to see him.

I didn't take any pictures of my dad at the nursing home.  Thankfully, he felt well enough to go to my brother's house two days in a row and ate more food than we had seen him eat in a very long time.  He seemed to especially enjoy their dog, Barkley.

And he even felt like going for a walk outside the next day.

  Here's a little video of us playing Yahtzee with Dad.

It was great seeing my dad and such fun being with my siblings.  

I found this picture of him while I was at his house; not sure what year it was taken, but isn't he handsome?  Hope you continue to gain your strength back, Dad!  

1 comment:

  1. It's good to see those
    vintage photos of our
    parents and remind us
    that that's who they still
    are, on the inside. What
    a sweet visit and one you
    will surely cherish!

    xo Suzanne