Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Day of Food

Walter loves it when we have company!  But having a small one bedroom apartment can be challenging when our company is still sleeping.  So he ate breakfast in bed (my bed) this morning while the girls were still sleeping out in the living area.  

But it wasn't long before he jumped up on their bed and decided to take a little morning nap with them before our day began.
Our day started with a brisk walk to the jetty and back with Walter (which was a good thing since the rest of our day pretty much focused on food!).

 After shopping at The Grove we had a "progressive" lunch at The Farmer's Market which included food from Malaysia, Spain, and France.  We chose one item from the menu and shared it between the three of us- then moved on to another booth until we were full.  What fun!

                               We then window shopped along Rodeo Drive.   The Sprinkles Cupcakes was just around the corner so we picked up some to share in the days to come- thanks Allison!

It was tempting to buy one for Walter, but decided not to this time.  Aren't they cute?

And can you believe that for dinner we went to Santa Monica to indulge in the gourmet food trucks that gather every Tuesday night?  I had never been before and was really looking forward to it.  We were not disappointed!

It had such a fun and festive atmosphere - families and friends picnicking on the grounds.

Steve had a business dinner and was unable to attend.  He called after we had eaten our food to inform us that his project manager had invited us to join them for dinner.   Without any hesitation, we declined.

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