Thursday, August 9, 2012

Too much information

   The map below came from this website.  Look at all the earthquakes there have been in California within the past week!

Earthquake index map

Until yesterday I had never researched earthquakes in California, but since I had felt two earthquakes within 12 hours I decided to look into it.  Well, I think it's a bit more information than I wanted.

   Wednesday night while sitting on the sofa I felt some shaking.  I casually said to Steve that I thought we were having an earthquake.  Sure enough, a news flash came across the TV screen stating that it was a 4.5 about 50 miles from us.  It's interesting how during the earthquake my memory quickly took me back to the 1989  earthquake that we experienced in San Francisco.  Not that this shaking was anywhere close to mimicking the 6.9 earthquake, but that's immediately where my mind went.  I had forgotten that 63 people lost their lives in that earthquake.

   On Tuesday morning, again sitting on the sofa, I felt it shaking.  It was another 4.5 earthquake.  That's when I began to google a bit.  People have told me that there are earthquakes every day in California; I didn't believe them.  I do now.  On the NBC national news, it was reported that southern CA had experienced 30 earthquakes in less than 24 hours.

   I don't think I'll be looking at this map very often, but I did ask Steve to buy some bottled water on his way home from work and I'm keeping my cell phone charged : )  As far as Walter's reaction to the earthquakes?  He was oblivious to them both.

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