Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Road Trip

On Allison's last Saturday with us we decided to head south on the PCH with San Diego being our final destination.

An incredible view about 30 minutes from our apartment at Bluff Cove in Palos Verdes- just beautiful!

A brief look at The USS Iowa which arrived in the Port of L.A. about a month ago and will soon be open to the public.

The Queen Mary Ship

We should've made our final destination Laguna Beach where we stopped for lunch as there was much to see and do there.  We'll just have to return to explore that area more.

Old Town San Diego

Our favorite stop in San Diego was at this street side cafe where we enjoyed pupusas and a margarita (except Natalie of course and our driver!)

The girls got two yell-outs about their cute scarves!  We're not sure if it was meant as a complement or a put-down.  Nevertheless, I think they are beautiful with or without scarves!  We didn't get to see much of San Diego, but look forward to the next trip.

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  1. wow, you've been busy blogging! i want a papusa right now.