Saturday, August 11, 2012

The End of Kathy's Visit

We left early Wednesday morning to drive to Studio City to attend two tapings of The Talk.  Rita Wilson was the guest host on the first show which was a lot of fun to see and George Lopez was the guest.  
For the 2nd taping we were moved to the front row in front of the co-hosts.  We were so excited and began to talk to the warm up host, Bill Sindelar, while waiting for the rest of the audience to take their seats.  When the warm up began, Bill asked who was from out of town.  Kathy raised her hand and let me just say, that it turned into the Bill and Kathy Hour!  It was so funny!  He wanted to know what all she's been doing while visiting L.A. and well, Bill and everyone else heard an earful.   I have to confess that I, too, told more than I ever intended.  It really was funny and evidently entertaining.  Unfortunately, no one else got to participate.  They also had a raffle and I won a rug that looks like Walter.  

The guests on the 2nd show were Scott Foley, Fred Willard, and cooking with Katie Workman.  The guest co-host was Beth Behrs.  We all got her cookbook and also a home safety DVD.

I think that afternoon we sat out by the pool and relaxed.

On Thursday we went back to the same general area and Kathy treated me to The Warner Brothers Studio Tour.  It was very entertaining and interesting.

Some sights along our cart tour:
landing pad for helicopters in ER

subway near ER

ER entrance

Homes used in Gilmore Girls:

Some famous vehicles:

 And this one's for Silas :)

The set from Friends:

After the tour we had a very late and delicious lunch at Thyme in Santa Monica.  And for the life in me, I can not remember any more about that day.  I think we were both a little exhausted from all the driving we had done in the past four days.  No telling how many miles we put on Matt's car.

We had a great time together and I was so thankful for Kathy extending her time here in L.A. and spending it with me, Steve, and Walter!  Thanks for coming, Kathy!

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